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Baca Area North Railyard
Click on the Baca Area or the North Railyard on the map above to see a more detailed map of that area.
A. Art Yard / Available   J. Railyard Plaza   S. Morelli Building
B. Available Space   K. Art Yard   T. Gross Kelly Warehouse
C. Captain Marble   L. SITE Santa Fe   U. John Muir Building
D. Milestone, Inc.   M. Warehouse 21   V. Welders Supply Building
E. Railyard Enterprises   N. Railyard Performance Center   W. Cinema Building
F. Twisted Cow   O. El Museo Cultural   X. Market Station
G. Acequia Trail   P. Santa Fe Clay   Y. Underground Parking
H. Railyard Park   Q. Farmers' Market   Z. Santa Fe Southern Railroad
I. The Alameda   R. Railyard Galleries   Santa Fe Railyard Community Corporation Office
BLACK = Current

BLUE = Planned for Future Railyard

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